Kay, what's really been bugging me lately is some Seddie fans NOT caring about the relationship itself (Between Sam and Freddie) and only indulging in cute moments. If we're veiwing them as people with feelings and lives, why wouldn't you care? A few Seddie fans have said they won't care if Sam and Freddie break up as long as they date at some point. WTH???! I don't see you as a REAL Seddie fan if you say that. Don't you wish for something that lasts in YOUR life. Don't the characters on iCarly deserve a LASTING relationship. Selfish Seddie fans bug me more than die hard Creddie fans. It makes me feel embarrassed to be categorized with THOSE PATICULAR type of shippers.

Maybe this is just me, but when I ship people, I don't just pick a couple who's entertaining. There's feeling and attachment involved. I'm not heartless. I think of the charecters like real people. What does Sam want, what does Freddie want. What does this say or that say.


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