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    A/N: Hello! I tried to write a little fanifction on this wiki :) This is the first chapter, hope you'll enjoy it! :P Please tell me what you think. This week, it was Carly's turn to choose a movie. The iCarly-Gang was watching chick-flicks for 10 hours straight now. They pulled on an all-nighter. (Carly sits in the middle. On the right side Freddie and on the left Sam)

    Sam: *Eyes are half way closed, on the edge of falling asleep*

    Freddie: *Trying hard to stay awake. Rubbs his eyes every now and then*

    Carly:*Watches excitedly*

    Sam:*Yawns and stretches her limbs. Her eyes land on Freddie suddenly and she smirks*

    Sam: I gotta go, Carls.

    Carly: What? You have to go? You always sleep over here!

    Sam: Yeah, but you see my mum is going to buy a new flat-sc…

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    If you had the oppurtunity to create your own iCarly episode, which would air on television...

    How would you call the episode? Meaningless to say that it has to start with 'i'.

    What would be the main plot?

    What would be Spencer's subplot?

    Which characters would you add to your episode?

    Which locations would you use?

    Any 'sneak peeks' of your script?

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    Hiya! :)

    After watching iPear Store most of us recognized the 'sassy' behavior of Freddie's towards Sam. You have a lot of interesting thoughts and theories, on why Freddie is acting like this - I'd like to hear it from you guys :)

    Anyone can give his opinion on that - so not only Seddie-shippers. (Just to clarify that.)

    My theory : I think he's trying to get over Sam, since he probably thinks she already moved on.

    "You'd rather do comedy with a sack of yoghurt than me?" - iBalls

    "At least Carly cares about me!" [Looks directly to Sam] - iStill Psycho

    "Quick announcement, I am not currently dating anyone." (Sam) - iGo One Direction

    So yeah. Right after iGo One Direction, Freddie began to change his attitude towards her.

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    Hello everyone. :)

    I would like to know what you're favorite iCarly quote of all time is.

    I have a lot. I'll just choose two!

    I'm gonna go get some cheese so I can play while eating cheese! - Spencer

    Ugh. I don't like that word! -Sam (about the word 'panties') Well, too bad! Stairs, stairs, stairs! - Spencer

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