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A/N: Hello! I tried to write a little fanifction on this wiki :) This is the first chapter, hope you'll enjoy it! :P Please tell me what you think. This week, it was Carly's turn to choose a movie. The iCarly-Gang was watching chick-flicks for 10 hours straight now. They pulled on an all-nighter. (Carly sits in the middle. On the right side Freddie and on the left Sam)

Sam: *Eyes are half way closed, on the edge of falling asleep*

Freddie: *Trying hard to stay awake. Rubbs his eyes every now and then*

Carly:*Watches excitedly*

Sam:*Yawns and stretches her limbs. Her eyes land on Freddie suddenly and she smirks*

Sam: I gotta go, Carls.

Carly: What? You have to go? You always sleep over here!

Sam: Yeah, but you see my mum is going to buy a new flat-screen today - I can't miss that!

Calry: Oh..Okay.

Sam: Sorry, Kid.

Carly:*shrugs with a light smile* It's alright.

Sam:*Walks out*

-Line Break-

Sam:*Stands in the hall and is about to walk downstairs, when suddenly the door opens and Freddie enters the hall.*

Freddie: Why did you just leave by making up a random, dumb excuse? You should spend some time with Carly, even if you don't like her taste in movies! I mean, she does so much for you and most of the things she does with you are things that she hates!

Sam: I didn't make up an excuse; it's the truth. *crosses her arms* And you sure that we're still talking about Carly?

Freddie:*Glares at her* Ugh, whatever.

Sam:*In a mocking tone, while making a stupid grimace* Ugh, whatever.

Freddie:*Narrows his eyes and crosses his arms* You think you're so funny,Puckett but you're not!

Sam: How would you know what I think, nub?

Freddie: Whatever, you know what? This is getting ridicolous and immature! I'm going in, bye. *Is about to walk in*

Sam: It started getting ridicolous and immature the second you came.

Freddie:Okay, prove it!

Sam:*Frowns* Prove what?

Freddie: Prove that you're really going to buy a new flat-screen with your mum!

Sam:*Looks crossly at him* How?

Freddie: Take me with you wherever you planned to go. *He smiles*

- To be continued..-

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