Hiya! :)

After watching iPear Store most of us recognized the 'sassy' behavior of Freddie's towards Sam. You have a lot of interesting thoughts and theories, on why Freddie is acting like this - I'd like to hear it from you guys :)

Anyone can give his opinion on that - so not only Seddie-shippers. (Just to clarify that.)

My theory : I think he's trying to get over Sam, since he probably thinks she already moved on.

"You'd rather do comedy with a sack of yoghurt than me?" - iBalls

"At least Carly cares about me!" [Looks directly to Sam] - iStill Psycho

"Quick announcement, I am not currently dating anyone." (Sam) - iGo One Direction

So yeah. Right after iGo One Direction, Freddie began to change his attitude towards her.

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