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    So, you're a Creddie/Seddie shipper. And you hated iStart A Fanwar. You're debating never watching iCarly again and you're sharpening your pitchfork to go chase Dan Schneider along with the large mob of angry shippers.

    Put the pitchfork down.

    It is one thing to be disappointed that your ship didn't happen. It is another to want to disrespect the person who brings iCarly to the world. Ever heard of the phrase "Don't bite the hand that feeds you?" That's what you're doing right now. Dan has always been kind and giving to his fans with the videos, tweets, blogs and what not. Most writers do not do that. It is a privilege that he gives that much to us despite his busy schedule with iCarly and Victorious.

    Dan Schneider is BRILLIANT. Just because h…

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  • Ellebell16


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  • Ellebell16

    Seddie Is Not Canon

    November 6, 2010 by Ellebell16

    Okay. I know I'm going to get seriously assaulted for saying what I'm about to write, but this has been something on my mind since iStart A Fanwar has been advertised and I just wanted to get it out. Before I say it, let me just tell you that I am by no means a Creddie/Seddie warrior. I don't care about them either way (I just happen find Creddie cuter, but I don't really ship it). This is just my opinion.

    Something that's been really annoying me lately is the amount of Seddie fans who are under the impression that it is canon that either a) Sam secretly likes Freddie or b) Freddie secretly likes Sam. I think it's fine to assume/have an opinion about it. But there are some fans that are being VICIOUS about it, talking about how canon it is …

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