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    May 25, 2013 by EllieEstheim

    So this was a blog game I found on a forum and it looked really fun. Basically, someone posts a screencap and we have to guess which episode of iCarly it is. Or we can just do movies in general. Whatever works better (make sure to say if it's just movies in general or if it's an iCarly episode.

    I'll start.

    (to make it harder you might want to go on photoshop/any photoediting software to make the photo somewhat unrecognizable.)

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    Untitled for now

    June 11, 2012 by EllieEstheim

    Hello people of iCarly Wikiaa! This is a blog concerned Two Girls, One World. As you know, it's been on a hiatus for a while now, but Canada has just come out, and now Ariel (Ace) and Jess need a new state/country to go to. Just suggest a state/country in the comments here.


    Comment your description--it doesn't actually have to look like you, just what you wanna look like--and your location if you want to be featured in 2G1W!
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    Okay that's it for now because I'm too lazy to get more of my pictures lol. I'll upload more later Read more >
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    Hiya guys! I just discovered this awesome new thing on gimp. You can make a neon logo, with a background added to it. :D

    Here's mine:

    Look cool, eh? eh?

    If you want you can also request one. Eh? Eh? ;D

    You can also request a gif since I found out how to do those in GIMP. :D:D:D

    Oh oh. Request Form:

    Glow Color of Text:

    Shadow Color:


    Please note you can also have custom backgrounds like stars (in mine) flowers, etc etc. Whatever you want. XP

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