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  • Emenette

    Sam & Cat Fanfiction

    August 6, 2012 by Emenette

    Sam: (talking on the phone with Freddie) Ok. I'm in the front of the apartment building. Now remind me, why am I here?

    Freddie: Because, you said you needed a place to live and my roomate Robbie said his girlfriend Cat has an apartment there and said she would love for you to stay there.

    Sam: But, what if this Cat girl is like total daffodil and she makes me wear wierd stuff and..... EVEN WORSE! MAKES ME WEAR PANTIES!

    Freddie: Babe, I would love to tell you that all thats not gonna happen, but i don't know. Robbie's only told me about her once and showed me a picture of her.

    Sam: Oh yeah? What does she look like?

    Freddie: She has red hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a yellow dress from their graduation.

    Sam: Ha! I knew your college roomate was …

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  • Emenette

    Hey Guys!

    Ummm.... I just had this random thought today. You know the bully in iBattle Chip that Sam beat up? Well I was remembering when people thought that girl in iSpace Out that was stalking Spencer in a way was Sam and Freddie's Kid from the future.... and.... BAM! I HIT ME! I thought the bully could be Sam and Freddie's possible son from the future! I mean he has blonde hair and could pass off as their kid.... He has Sam's kinda additude..... I mean Sam's not as mean but...... YOU GET MY POINT! Ok that's my opinion I'm putting out there. Let me know if you think it's good or horrible( I HOPE IT'S NOT! LOL)

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