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June 10, 2012
  • I live in This planet :)
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is Don't have one i don't plan on working..... well ever.
  • I am Girl i would say female, but that sounds to fancy.
  • Emily7871

    Why is this important????

    October 12, 2012 by Emily7871

    Please Read!!!!!!! :D Hey guys so first off i want to start by saying thanks for coming here to read this blog. Please only write nice comments and if you have any questions (I can't garentee i will know the answer) or if you just want to talk to me then post a comment down below or message me on my wall and i would be more than happy to help or listen. Let me know if this helps you in any way i would really appreciate it, but if it is a personal thing to you then i understand. :)

    So you guys are probably wondering why i titled this "Why is this important?" The meaning behind the title can mean anything really. But most importantly, why is it important to accept Jesus Christ into my life? I know some of you as close friends but others not r…

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  • Emily7871

    Hey everyone!!! So first off I wanna say I am very sorry about not posting in a while I have been busy and I swear I tried to write this like 6 days ago and then i tried to write it yesterday but it got deleted TWO freakin times! So i apologize for my stupid computers behavior lets try this again! And I wanna thank you all for still liking it and being really patient for me and being excited. You guys have no idea how much that means to me. :) Btw i wrote this chapter a little differently. Lets say if Sam said something it would be Sam: and then whatever she was gonna say. It's just alot easier for me to do since this is the longest chapter it's actually almost half of the whole fanfic! I think everyone will like this chapter lots of Seddi…

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  • Emily7871

    iJealous Part 3

    July 17, 2012 by Emily7871

    Hey guys!! I am really sorry i havent posted this chapter yet. I have been SO busy! It's been like a week, ya i know thats not a very long time but still. So i hope you guys arent bored with it. Thanks if your reading this! Please comment to let me know what you think! This chapter is somewhat pointless, but i think it's adorable. It will probably be the shortest chapter too. ENJOY!!!!

    "What do you want?" i asked

    "Uh can you please set down your butter sock?" asked Freddie

    "Sorry" i replied

    "Well I was bored and i couldnt sleep, and i new you'd be over here.

    "And?" I asked suspicially

    "And i was wondering if you wanted to shoot another Wake Up Spencer with me." he said

    "Why?" i ask

    "Cause my stupid mind won't shut off." he replied

    "Fine, but we hav…

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  • Emily7871

    iJealous Part 2

    July 9, 2012 by Emily7871

    Hey everyone!!! I am really glad alot of you liked part 1. Thank you all so much for the nice comments! If you havent seen part 1 go check that out now under my blog posts. Remember to comment and tell me what you think. Thanks so much for reading! :)

    iJealous Part 2

    "What?" I ask

    "How do you feel about Carly and Freddie?" asks Gibby

    "What?" i asked in shock

    "I just thought since you still like Freddie"

    "I do not still like Freddie okay! If he wants to date Carly he can! Whatever, I don't care! I interupt

    "It kinda seems like you care." he says

    "Well i don't."

    That is such a lie. I do care, but I am not gonna let Gibby get anything outta me.

    "And anyways don't be saying I like Freddie when you know you like Carly!" i say

    "I know I like Carly, and I c…

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  • Emily7871

    iJealous part 1

    July 7, 2012 by Emily7871

    Hey everyone! It's Emily this is my first fanfiction ever i hope you all like it. Please comment and tell me what you think if you hate or love it. I really appreciate it if you are reading this! Thanks so much!!! :)

    Disclaimer: This is a fanfic that has lots of seddie and cibby so if you ship creddie, sibby, cam, spam, or whatever else there is you might not like this. :)


    Sams POV

    So once again i am in the Shay apartment, eating their food and helping Spencer make a sculpture for apperently a client, but for some reason i just think he is bored. Gibby is here too, and Carly and Freddie are at the Movie Theatre. Yes Carly and Freddie are dating and no i do not like it. I'm jealous i really don't wanna admit it but i am, it's sickening…

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