Hey everyone!!! So first off I wanna say I am very sorry about not posting in a while I have been busy and I swear I tried to write this like 6 days ago and then i tried to write it yesterday but it got deleted TWO freakin times! So i apologize for my stupid computers behavior lets try this again! And I wanna thank you all for still liking it and being really patient for me and being excited. You guys have no idea how much that means to me. :) Btw i wrote this chapter a little differently. Lets say if Sam said something it would be Sam: and then whatever she was gonna say. It's just alot easier for me to do since this is the longest chapter it's actually almost half of the whole fanfic! I think everyone will like this chapter lots of Seddie lots of Cibby lots of laughs where can you go wrong? And things get pretty intense. Enjoy!!

iJealous Part 4 final chapter

Carly POV

Carly: Ahh!!!

I guess my obnoxiously loud scream woke Sam and Freddie up!

Carly: What are you guys doing on my couch at 10 am laying on eachother?!?!

Sam: What? Carly it's nothing I swear on my own life!

Carly: What's going on here? Freddie? Are you chea...

Freddie: No! No, no, no, no! It was absoulutely nothing! I promise you! We were only shooting a Wake Up Spencer video for! Then I guess we just got really tired and fell asleep!

Carly: Oh. So that's all that happened?

Sam: Of course! I wouldn't cheat on you with Freddie!

Carly: Well you guys could've told me and we could've planned it and and I could've helped with it.

Freddie: Well yeah but wouldn't that be a little weird?

Carly: What do you mean weird? Am I just the weird person on iCarly that weirds people out so much that they call me weirdo Carly?!?!

Freddie: I never said you were weird, it's just that Sam and I usually do that with eachother. I mean it might upset the seddie fans.

Carly: Freddie! Me and you are dating remember? There shouldn't be a "Seddie" when there is a "Creddie".

Sam: Ya know Freddie she's right. You guys are dating. We shouldn't even of done this in the first place. It wasn't right to Carly. And I'm sorry for that. And you know I am really sorry cause I never apologize.

Carly: I know your sorry. And I guess it's okay. I can forgive you both because I am an awesome friend.

Freddie: Yeah, uh well I better get going before my mom finds out I was gone.

Carly: Okay well see ya in like 3 hours.

Freddie: What?

Carly: We're all going to the Groovy Smoothie for lunch remember?

Freddie: Oh yeah. See ya.

I started to walk toward him to kiss him, but he just turned away like I wasn't even their and walked out the door. I don't get it. We always kiss when we see eachother or when one of us leaves. Maybe he's just in a hurry. I mean what did I just wake up to? First a crazy dream about Gibby and then I find my best friend and my boyfriend laying on my couch together. Worst moring ever. Oh I forgot, Sam's still here.

Carly: Sam...

Sam: Carly nothing happened I swear.

Carly: Well how do I know for sure? I wasn't there was I?

Sam: I don't know were you?

Carly: What's that supposed to mean?

Sam: You have to be their whenever Freddie is around!

Carly: He's my boyfriend! I'm supposed to be around him all the time! You shouldn't even be talking when you were around him all the time when you two were dating!

Sam: Well atleast I had time for you!

Carly: We spend tons of time together!

Sam: Not really! You're always with him! I can't just hang out with Gibby all the time! I need to have you and Fred dork to myself sometimes!

Carly: Well then I'm so sorry I don't spend time with you!

Sam: Well you should be sorry! I don't have anyone anymore!

Carly: Can we not talk about this anymore?

Sam: Sure. Anything you want.

Carly: Maybe you should just go.

Sam: Yeah I think I will.

As Sam walks out the door I kinda regret what I said, but I realize I just can't take it back. I hear a knock at the door. Maybe it's Sam coming to tell me that she hates me. Instead I hear someone whose head I don't wanna rip off. Gibby.

Gibby: Hey Carly it's me can I come in?

Carly: Whatcha doin here?

Gibby: Just thought I'd stop by to see my favorite brunette.

Carly: What about Freddie?

Gibby: He's a boy! Whoa what's the matter? You seem glum.

Carly: Nothing. It's stupid.

Gibby: Did something happen with Freddie?

Carly: No. Actually it's Sam.

Gibby: Oh. Wow. You guys never fight.

Carly: I know. I said a bunch of bad things about her and she said a bunch of bad things about me. I don't know how we're gonna do iCarly.

Gibby: Forget about the webshow for now. Anyways what were you guys even fighting about?

Carly: Well, she said I don't spend enough time with her now cause I'm dating Freddie. I mean shouldn't I be around when she is with Freddie?

Gibby: Just because he's your boyfriend doesn't mean you own him, it's not like your married. Unless your not tell me something.

Carly: No Gibby, we're not married. And anyways isn't it a little awkard for Sam and Freddie to be hanging out alone when I'm dating him?

Gibby: Well we're hanging out and alone and it's not awkard.

Carly: Hey, good point. I don't know I guess I'm just a little possesive.

Gibby: A little?

Carly: Gibby!

Gibby: Just kidding! And anyways I gotta go get Guppy to his therapist.

Carly: You don't have a car.

Gibby: I know but I have a bike.

Carly: I thought you broke your bike.

Gibby: Well yeah but it's good exercise, I mean you don't just get this ripped body for nothing.

Carly: Okay but please be careful. Don't die.

Gibby: If I do will you arrange my funural?

Carly: Of course.

Gibby: Wait I need a snack!

Gibby casually walks over to my fridge like he lives here.

Gibby: Uh Carly, why is there a bra in the freezer?

Carly: Oh that, uh it's for a school project.

Gibby: For what class?

Carly: I was bored alright! Now would you gimme it?

Gibby: You have to come and get it then.

Gibby holds it high in the air so I can't reach. I guess he wants to play games.

Carly: Come on Gibb please!

Instead of just handing it to me, he lifts me up in the air and spins me around until I'm dizzy. He finally sets me down. Weirdly enough that was kinda fun.

Gibby: Your brazere my lady.

Carly: Why thank you kind sir.

Gibby: Gotta go! See ya!

Carly: Bye!

Freddie POV

Marissa: Freddie Benson I was worried sick! I was about to track you down with that chip in your head!

Freddie: Mom I'm fine, I was just over Carlys.

Marissa: Of course you were. Your never home any more. Always out with those two girls.

Freddie: Mom, Carly is my girlfriend, I kinda have to spend time with her.

Marissa: I swear you were better of with Sam. You actually talked to me back then. Now all you do is go over Carlys just because she is right next door!

Is that true? Do I only go over to Carlys all the time because I'm her boyfriend or because I live next door?

T-Bo: I agree team Seddie!

Marissa: Stop eavesdropping or your losing your only home!

T-Bo: Someones on the jank!

Freddie: Whatever I don't wanna talk about this anymore, I'll be in my room.

2 hours later

I hear a knock at the door. It's probably Carly wanting me to come over and test something for iCarly so we can make out. Instead I come to my door to find "The blonde headed deamon" if you really think about it, she's not a deamon at all. Wait what am I saying?

Freddie: Hey.

Sam: Hey, so uh look. I know we are all going to The Groovy Smoothie for lunch, but I was wondering if I could hang out here until we leave.

Freddie: Well yeah, but don't you usually go over to Carlys first?

Sam: Yeah but we kinda got into a fight.

Freddie: About?

Sam: Trust me you don't wanna know.

Marissa: Ugg, what are you doing here?

Freddie: Mom, she's just hanging out for like 5 minutes until we leave for lunch.

Marissa: Fine. Samantha, just don't eat all of our food in our fridge.

Sam: Yeah, like I would wanna eat your prune pops and tofu.

Marissa POV

Now Sam is here, atleast for only 5 minutes. To take my mind off things I go to fold Freddie's underwear. It takes my mind off things. I can here them laughing and talking. To make sure nothing is going on, I peak around the corner.

Sam: Alright Fredenheimer we better get going.

Freddie: That's a new one.

Sam: I know I thought of it myself.

Freddie: I've heard better though.

Sam picks up one of my fancy pillows and throws it right in my Freddies face.

Freddie: Okay you wanna play then lets play.

Normally I would stop this but I have to admit, it's kind of adorable. Wait eww! No it's disguisting! I look some more to see what will happen next. Freddie pulls Sam right off the couch and pins her down. Woah now this is to much! It's looks like they are about to kiss! Sam rolls over and pins him down on the ground and he is definetly struggling to get up.

Freddie: Okay you win. Now please your squishing my collar bone.

Sam: Oh yeah! Mama's the winner yet again Fredward!

Freddie: Alright whatever. Let's go to Carlys.

Sam: Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

Freddie: Do you not wanna go?

Sam: Oh I'm going. Just a little nervous.

Freddie: Cause of Carly? Don't worry I got your back.

Sam: No it's fine. I can handle things for myself.

Freddie: Okay then let's go.

And like that they were out the door and over to Carly's apartment. It seems like Freddie was enjoying Sam's company. Maybe he still likes her. After all he wouldnt give her up for an expensive metal.


Okay, calm down Sam. It's gonna be fine. You just might lose your two best friends because your gonna fake date Gibby. Wow that sounds bad. Uh okay just shut up Sam.

Freddie: Hey baby! We're ready to go.

I can tell he's just trying to sound like a good boyfriend but I can tell he's not to comfortable.

Carly: Oh, I didn't think we were still going.

Sam: Oh that's okay I'm a little tired anyways.

Carly: Yeah, it's probably from the lack of sleep you two got last night. And anyways I wanna go.

Freddie: Okay then uh let's go.

At the Groovy Smoothie

Carly: Isn't Gibby gonna be here?

Sam: Yeah he's gonna be here any minute now.

Holy crab I am gonna puke there he is coming in the door.

Gibby: Hey Carly, Freddie, baby.

He quickly kisses me on the lips and let me just say it felt awful.

Freddie: What?

Gibby: Oh, sorry we didn't tell you.

Freddie: When?

Gibby: Oh about a week ago.

Freddie: Why?

Gibby: It just felt right. We kinda just clicked ya know? Right Sam?

Sam: Yeah.

Freddie is in shock and Carly is just sitting there with her mouth wide open staring into nothingness.

Freddie: Uh I'm not feeling so well. I'm just gonna go.

Sam: Where?

Freddie: Home.

He sounds angry and betrayed. Not necassarily what I was going for. He walks right out the door with his head down staring at his shoes.

Carly: Yeah I'm not feeling so well either. I'm gonna go home to.

Gibby: Bye!

Carly just walks out the door without a care in the world.

Sam: Gibby! What was that? We just made them sick!

Gibby: Well it seemed to work. Carly was in shock and Freddie seemed pretty upset.

Sam: They weren't jealous they were angry! We might of just lost our two best friends! I'm gonna go talk to Carly.

Gibby: I'll go with you.

Sam: No. I gotta do this by myself.

Gibby: Then I'll go talk to Spencer!

Sam: I don't care who you talk to!

Carly POV

I'm just sitting on the steps that lead up to the second floor on my apartment feeling awful and upset. I mean how could they not tell me? I can't believe that Sam and Gibby would get together! It's awful. Wait am I jealous? No I'm dating Freddie I can't be! Oh who am I kidding yes I am!

Freddie: Hey Carly can I come in?

Carly: Yeah.

Freddie walks up the steps to come and sit by me. I think I'm gonna break up with him.

Freddie: So uh look...

Carly: You wanna break up?

Freddie: Uh yeah. I'm sorry.

Carly: No. Don't be I was just gonna ask you the same thing.

Freddie: Really?

Carly: Yeah no offense though.

Freddie: So, why'd you wanna break up with me?

Carly: Well, seeing Sam and Gibby together made me realize that...

Freddie: You like Gibby.

Carly: And made you realize that you like Sam.

Freddie: Yeah. But I didn't cheat on you with her at all.

Carly: I know. We can still be friends though right?

Freddie: Of course! I love you just not in that way.

Carly: Well good.

Freddie: You should work things out with Sam ya know.

Carly: I know.

Freddie: Well I gotta go. Good luck.

Carly: Thanks.

Wow. That was easier than I thought it would be. Okay time to talk to Sam. I'm gonna call her. Right when I was about to get my phone I hear a knock at the door.

Sam: Carly it's me! Please let me in I need to talk to you! Too late I'm already in!

Sam walks up to the steps and sits next to me.

Sam: Alright listen. I know I have been a terrible terrible friend and I am so sorry! I'm not expecting you to forgive me or whatever but I just want you to know that me and Gibby were never dating at all.

Carly: What? Then why were you guys being all couply?

Sam: Uh well Gibby wanted to make you jealous.

Carly: So you did this all for Gibby? Are you sure you didn't want to make Freddie jealous to?

Sam: Fine yeah I like him. Might as well tell you all this now.

Carly: Sam! You should of just told me when I kept asking you! It would of been easier on all of us!

Sam: I know I'm so stupid and this is all my fault!

Carly: You're not stupid. You're just stubborn. I just don't understand why you would keep all that from me! I don't keep secrets from you! Like I would tell you that me and Freddie just broke up!

Sam: You and Freddie broke up? Why?

Carly: It wasn't right! And I can't help that I like Gibby!

Dang it. Did I just tell her that I like Gibby.

Carly: Congrats cause your jealousy plan worked.

Sam: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you at all.

Carly: I know and it's okay. I trust you enough.

Sam: So are we cool now?

Carly: Yes. And I promise that I will spend more time with you. I'm sorry I was caught up in Freddie.

Sam: It's fine. I guess I get that you would wanna spend so much time with him.

It feels awesome to have my best friend back. We hug like all the sappy movies and we are cooler than cool now.

Carly: You should go talk to him.

Sam: Only if you talk to Gibby who happens to be downstairs.

Carly: What?

Sam: Gibby! Get your butt up here!

Gibby: Coming!

Carly: Sam!

Sam: Alright now that Gibby is up here, you two talk it out and I will be talking to Freddie if you need me. And by the way if you here screaming and yelling, that'll just be me. Have fun!

Sam walked down stairs and slammed the door.

Gibby: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Gibby: So I guess Sam told you we weren't really dating.

Carly: Mhm. And by the way me and Freddie broke up.

Gibby: Wait. Really?

Carly: Yep.

Gibby: Why?

Carly: Let's just say it worked.

Gibby: Wha...

I lean in and kiss Gibby right there on my own apartment stairs. It feels good. Not like any other kiss I've had before. Little fireworks are setting off in me and I keep getting lost in it. Finally I pull away. Gibby just sits there for a while and finally he stands up, pulls his shirt off and shouts Gibbehh! He's so adorable. He's juming around like a little girl, but I don't care. He's sweet to me and he understands me. All of a sudden Gibby stops jumping, looks right at me, bends down, and kisses me again. And now I have a bunch of butterflies in my stomach because I was not expecting that at all. I decide to enjoy the moment and kiss him right back.

Sams POV

I make myself walk up to Freddie's door.

Sam: Freddie! Open the stupid door!

Freddie opens the door.

Freddie: What?

Gosh he's not a happy camper.

Sam: Can I talk to you?

Freddie grabs my arm and pulls me to the spot where we said I love you to eachother.

Freddie: What do you want Sam?

Sam: So I heard you and Carly broke up.

Freddie: Yeah it didn't feel right. So what.

Okay time to risk all my feelings.

Sam: Just listen alright. Me and Gibby were never dating alright. I hated having to kiss him he's not nearly as good as you were!

Freddie: What?

Here we go.

Sam: Okay I guess you don't see that I still like you! I mean how can I not? You told me you loved me and then you went and dated my best friend! I mean do you know how much that hurt me?

Freddie: Well it hurt me when you fake dated Gibby!

Sam: Well that was only to make you jealous cause I wanna be with you! I think I still love you! No I know I still love you and I can't stop no matter what you do to me! And it sucks having to go through that every day!

Freddie: Sam..

Sam: No! I love you! I love you more than fried chicken, steak, pork, ribs...

Freddie: Sam.

Sam: Let me talk! I love you more than canadian fat cakes! Remember their like a fat angel?

Freddie: Sam!

Sam: What!?!?

He's just standing there. Staring right into my eyes. All of a sudden he get a look in his eye that's just different and then he grabs my waist, pulls me in, and forcefully kisses me right on the lips. I have all these thoughts and feelings just pouring out of me and I can feel that he has that to. It's the most passionate kiss he's ever given me and I feel like I'm exploding, melting, and having a heart attack at the same time. But in a strange way it feels good. He finally pulls away.

Freddie: And I love you more than my tech equipment, model trains, pear products, lasagna, and all the other stupid stuff I'm into.

We both are smiling like idiots. I'm probably the happiest person alive right now. It feels so awesome to have him back. He kisses me again and we start to make out now. Gosh I've missed this. All of a sudden I hear clapping and cheering.

Carly: Yay!!! We are all couply and happy!! Look me and Gibby are together aren't we adorabe?!?!

Leave it to Carly to ruin a perfect moment. But that's okay she's really happy to. We can make out later.

Carly: So how about we all go help Spencer with his new sculpture?

Sam: Gross why?

Carly: Oh come on it can be like a double date thing... sorta.

Freddie: Fine by me. Come on Sam.

Sam: Okay fine.

Carly: Yay!!

When Carlys in love she is the perkiest person ever. We all walk down to the Shay apartment when Freddie grabs my hand. I let out a little giggle like a little school girl. He makes me feel all girly inside.

Spencer: Okay! Who is ready to make the bestest sculpture ever?

Carly: Bestest?

Spencer: Whatever! Here is some purple paint for Sam and Freddie and some blue paint for Carly and Gibby. Paint away!

Freddie dips the brush in paint and paints the tip of my nose. I rip it out of his hand and dip it in paint, but before I can do the same to him, he picks me up, spins me around, and kisses me again. I have to admit, I kinda feel like a princess. He really makes me happy and that's what matters.

Carly shrugs her shoulders and kisses Gibby as he wraps his arms around her.

Spencer: This does not look like sculpturing!!!

Alright that is it for this fanfic! Wasn't that sweet? Thank you so much for reading this! Please comment and let me know what you think, even if you hated it! Also let me know if I should write another fanfic! Thank you so so much! Love you all!!

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