If you enjoy the quarreling friendship between Sam and Freddie, and are worried that their fighting will stop once they start dating, this is my theory.

Dan is a smart guy. I honestly doubt he will take away the bickering just because Freddie and Sam are dating. I mean, that's the whole relationship between them! Sure it will decrease a bit...but hasn't that already been happening throughout the series? And plus, how could they get together if they kept on with their fighting that much? It just wouldn't work!

Seddiers, we have been waiting for this to happen ever since we first saw Sam and Freddie in iPilot. Now people are complaining because they might stop? I feel bad for Dan, because no matter what he does, there will always be someone criticizing him for not doing it the way they want. He can't make everyone happy for everything. And even if their bickering does stop, we should just be happy that they're finally together. Okay? Do it for Dan, the genius man who came up with this show.

Feel free to comment :)

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