After months of teasing, it's finally here! For those of you who are unaware of what the iCarly Awards are, it allows the iCarly Wiki community to vote on nominees in different categories and the winners are publicly awarded.

It will be hosted by One Singular Sensation and I and will last from today till the end of June. We decided to add a little twist to this year's awards. In order to make it feel like award shows in real life, there will be an undisclosed committee (users who we thought were best suited for the job were picked) who will be in charge of providing nominations. Also, this way it'll be harder to predict the winners. The nominees will then be voted on by iCarly Wiki users.

Today we need you to nominate categories for the awards. We have some categories noted but we still want some feedback from you guys. If you have an idea for a category, leave it in a comment below. Remember you can suggest both an iCarly-related or a user category. You may also resuggest categories from last year. Thanks to anyone who takes part and we hope you guys enjoy :D

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