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Another "My Opinions Of You"/Alphabetical Improv Blog

EpicFork January 27, 2012 User blog:EpicFork
Speaker_Pulse.gifCredit goes to SpencerFanGirl123 and NeneG for making the originals.

Please Read: *audience groans* Yes, yes another one. You guys should know the drill. Only difference being, since everybody seems to be very awkward about those type of blogs, I decided to add in a little twist.

I have merged in the Alphabetical Improv game where you write sentences and the first letter has to be the the one after the previous first letter (i.e. Aardvarks are amazing; Bananas are better). Some things I'd like to say first:

1) Don't expect anything long. I'm not much of a writer. :/
2) Please realize how hard it would be for me to write something about you if I've never seen you before. If you comment/edit regularly, I've probably seen you. If you're not sure if I know you, try your luck.
3) I might take time to do these. Please be patient.

That's basically it. Comment away. :)

P.S. Most of things I say will probably be positive since I don't have much negative things to say anyways.

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