Speaker_Pulse.gifThe following is an important Chizz Weekly announcement.

This year, The Chizz Weekly would like to publish your birthdays in your newspaper (*audience groans*). This way we can remind the community to wish you a Happy Birthday. We're quite aware that this isn't the first attempt to keep a running log of birthdays but a determined team like ours WILL make this work.

If there are any other notable dates you want us to publish (i.e. "iCarly Wiki Founding Anniversary", "iOMG Kiss Anniversary" (yeah I suck at examples), then let us know.

So yeah guys comment your birthday date below. Oh and there's gonna be a new Chizz weekly THIS Saturday (with an extra twist in the way we do subscriptions).

Lastly, I'd like to mention again that if anyone has a suggestion for TCW then please tell us. We're always looking for ways to improve.

P.S. I'm also looking for someone to review iBalls so if anyone wants to, see me on my talk page.

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