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User Spotlight: Cartoonprincess
by One Singular Sensation

One Singular Sensation: Let's start. How did you find this wiki?
Cartoonprincess: alrighty then xD I had visitied other wikis in the past like Spongebob Wiki and FOP Wiki but I had never joined them till I got my new phone which happened to have internet access. It was around the time the iStart a Fanwar promo had come out so there was a lot of hype and I wanted desperately to state my point of view. So at first I just typed "iStart a Fanwar" into my phone and then the page on the wiki came up. I read all the comments and also read the entire Seddie, Creddie and Cam pages including all the hints and nitpicks, all on my little phone screen like in the middle of the night.

One Singular Sensation: That must have taken forever o.O
Cartoonprincess: Yeah lol but it was fun xD after reading everything I finally decided I had to join but it was a tough call because at the time my parents were REALLY protective about the internet so I did it behind their backs hehe xP

One Singular Sensation: Okay, what is one of your favorite memories of the wiki?
Cartoonprincess: Hmmmm honestly as self centered as this may sound I think it was when my blogs first started to get popular because through the comments I got to know so many cool ppl. It was a great ice breaker. Also when chat was first added. Those were some good times ^_^

One Singular Sensation: I remember when I first entered, you apparently came back after me from a long break. When you came back, you were pretty much treated like a queen. How do you think you got that title :D
Cartoonprincess: Hmm well I've always loved to write and I saw blogs as the perfect opportunity to showcase my opinion; I always strived to ask the questions that were on everybody's minds as well as trying to be unique. Back then I was easily inspired and came up with ideas more easily. I think ppl just liked the fact that my blogs brought everyone together for some healthy discussion. I'm definitely not the ONLY user who has done this though. I also made a lot of friends early on and tried to be on good terms with everybody. However I hardly think any of this makes me a queen because we are all equals here and this isn't a monarchy xD

One Singular Sensation: What's your favorite artist/song?
Cartoonprincess: Oh wow... I'm into a lot of artists u probably don't know lol. I really really really like Pablo Milanes and Juan Luis Guerra ;)
One Singular Sensation: ?
Cartoonprincess: See? lol They're latin artists :P

One Singular Sensation: If you could trade places with a wiki person for one day, to see what their life was like, who would it be? (you could pick more than one person)
Cartoonprincess: Ooooh good one xDD Hmmm...Alica seems to have a really exciting Austrian life aside from this wiki. I've always been curious about Mak's life and Samlovesham is my best friend so I gotta know what she's up to when she's not online ;) Churchpants and I have similar minds/imaginations and I would like to see the world thru a preteen's eyes once more since that was the best time in my life ^_^ and...yeah I think that's it xP

One Singular Sensation: k :) Anything else you would like to say before we go?
Cartoonprincess: Um, well I know y'all are sick of hearing this from me but I love u guys and I appreciate everything u've done to make me feel at home here x)

The Bunny Game

by Jon23812

NOTE: In order for the links to function, either drag them to your address bar or open them in a new tab.

So What's Up with TCW? :o
by EpicFork

As you may or may not have noticed, we haven't published an issue since about two months ago. There are two reasons for this unexpected hiatus. One, we had an issue with people handing in articles. Although some people gave in stories on schedule, we sometimes didn't have enough to pull an issue through. Second, even when we did have enough articles, I didn't have the time to make one of these. You see making a TCW requires a lot of work with coding and formatting which could take an awfully long time. Being only one girl with a tight schedule, I simply didn't have to time to do this every week. However, now I feel as though I'm back on track and may still able to fulfil my duties as Managing Editor of TCW. I'm still debating a switch to a fortnightly schedule as I'm going to help to coordinate the next iCarly Wiki Awards which you can expect coming in the very near future :)

Week in Review: iCarly
by EpicFork

Coming Actress Lauren Day Hints at Future iCarly Seasons

Tumblr m2fx36xDsE1qbq90t

The picture above provides an excerpt from a newspaper with some interesting iCarly news. Lauren Day will play a recurring character named Maddie who will appear first in iOpen a Restaurant and then iHalfoween. However, the most interesting part comes at the end where Day says "Maddie is just getting introduced in iCarly...but it's for the next two seasons." Could this hint at future iCarly seasons. We'll just have to wait and see.

Guys from Paun Stars to be on iCarly

Rick, Corey and Chumlee from the History Channel’s hit show “Pawn Stars” will appear on iCarly in an episode airing this year. In the episode, Sam learns that her mother, Pam is being held in a Las Vegas jail, so Carly and the gang embark on a road trip to Sin City, where they pawn some of their prized possessions for bail money at a shop run by the three guys. Could Jane Lynch be returning as Pam Puckett?

iGo One Direction Ratings Fail to Meet Estimates

Despite the hype around the episode from both Directions and iCarly fans, iGOD only drew in a mere 3.94 million total viewers. Many people were expecting 5 million at the least and some people even expected it to be the most-watched iCarly of all time, surpassing iSaved Your Life (which claimed 11.2 million viewers). On a positive note, the episode ranked as the week’s number-one kids show and took over Twitter with 12 trends. Also, it generated the 4th most social buzz of all cable shows of the week.

Quick iCarly Quiz
by Jon23812

1. Instead of Miranda Cosgrove's character making her own web show, what was the original plot for Miranda's show?

2. What episode of iCarly had the highest viewings?

3. What show did iCarly beat in the 2009 Kids' Choice Awards, but lost to at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards

4. Girly Cow was seen on iCarly and...

5. iCarly has __ half-hour episodes.

This Week's Poll
by Ant 157349
What if Season 5 of iCarly ends up being its last?

The poll was created at 17:34 on April 14, 2012, and so far 21 people voted.

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