Hi. It's EpicFork with some (somewhat) exciting news. Although you may have already have known this, I just wanted to officially announce that the first issue of The Chizz Weekly is coming out before Thanksgiving. We originally planned to have two issues before Thanksgiving (one being our first issue and the other being a Thanksgiving edition), however due to time constrains, we are now going to merge them both into one newsletter.

Here is our team so far:


EpicFork - Managing Editor, Designer, Messenger

NeneG - Deputy Editor, Star/Wiki Update

PurpleStripedFudgeParole239 - Editor-in-Chief, User Interview/Episode Review


DryYoshi - Caption Contest

Sparklyplatypus - Featured...Of The Week

Advice Person - Advice Column

Jon23812 - Games & Puzzles

Anyways stay tuned for the first one coming very soon and remember to subscribe if you haven't done so already. Also, we are in need for a Media Editor to make graphics so if you have abilities in that field and you would like to be one please inform me.

P.S. Speaking of Thanksgiving, check on my profile. I gave it a Thanksgiving theme and I'm extremely proud of it.

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