• Epicfail037

    I could post this on the Victorious Wiki, but i'm posting it here instead where more people will see it. Also, before I say anything else, this is coming from someone who likes Victorious a lot more than iCarly (in case you can't see from my posts there), so I might sound a little biased.

    So yeah, we know that people were upset that iCarly didn't win favorite show at the KCAs, and one person on the iGOD page said that they think the show is picking up because this is most likely its final season. But what will happen when iCarly ends? We know that Dan is most likely going to get working on a new show soon, possibly with Jennette as the lead. But how will Victorious stand when iCarly is absent? I've heard all sorts of opinions, some in favor…

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  • Epicfail037

    Big Time Rush

    July 8, 2011 by Epicfail037

    This is something i've wanted to mention here for a long time, but never got around to posting it. Seeing as this Wiki has had enough talk about Victorious, some loving it (almost) as much as iCarly, others thinking it's an excruciating ordeal, how about the #3 ranked show on Nick, or #4 if you count Spongebob (it's safe to call it that, because Victorious is currently averaging a bit more viewers wise).

    Big Time Rush has been mentioned here a few times (like the comments for iOMG before the KCAs aired). Some people like it just as much as iCarly, some even think it's the best show on Nick...and similar to Victorious, others hate it. The former is understandable in a sense, given that the show mostly focuses on sheer comedy, and unlike Dan'…

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