This is something i've wanted to mention here for a long time, but never got around to posting it. Seeing as this Wiki has had enough talk about Victorious, some loving it (almost) as much as iCarly, others thinking it's an excruciating ordeal, how about the #3 ranked show on Nick, or #4 if you count Spongebob (it's safe to call it that, because Victorious is currently averaging a bit more viewers wise).

Big Time Rush has been mentioned here a few times (like the comments for iOMG before the KCAs aired). Some people like it just as much as iCarly, some even think it's the best show on Nick...and similar to Victorious, others hate it. The former is understandable in a sense, given that the show mostly focuses on sheer comedy, and unlike Dan's shows, it drops the laugh track.

As for myself, I really liked it at first in Season 1, but felt Season 2 has been lackluster in comparison, with episode that have been boring (Welcome Back Big Time), infuriating (Big Time Crush, Live to an extent, Girl Group except for near the end), or just plain weird (Fans, Sneakers, Guru to an extent, Reality). That, and the fact that Gustavo's character makes me want to throw something at my TV most of the time. However, the episodes have started to pick up in quality since the Earth Day episode, especially with the most recent ones (if this means anything, my five favs of Season 2 so far would be Pranks, Break Up, Christmas, Songwriters, Prom King, in that order). Big Time Single looks like it will intrigue me, as well.

But at this point, if there is anything that is making me want to turn away from the show, it's their overzealous fans who think EVERYTHING about BTR is so great and refuse to accept anyone not liking it (like when TheUkeUkeable uploads promos for new episodes, there's bound to be a comment against haters). Seriously, when there are people who don't respect others opinions, those are the people that I want to punch in the face. And the reaction they all had after the Kids Choice Awards...I know they were upset, but still!

So in short, while Big Time Rush has been kinda on and off for me, it's starting to grow on me, but I still much prefer iCarly and Victorious. What about you guys? Discuss.

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