NOTE- This blog is for both Creddie and Seddie shippers. This is about something getting quite annoying on this wiki

Alright, so we all know about the "Seddie Arc" and it's been making this wiki very....."Ship-warry". People write blogs entitled "Why I luv Seddie and hate Creddie" then afterwaards, it says "This blog is for Creddie and Seddie shippers"!


You're just trying to get people from the other ship to come onto your side! That's not right! Everyone is entitled to their opinion! I get that there's a lot of Seddiers out right now, so the Creddiers feel a little outnumbered, but you guys REALLY don't need to make blogs like that! Personally, I'm a neutral shipper, so It doesnt really matter to me which one happens. Besides, Dan said that even if you DON'T ship Seddie, you'll have plenty more to be happy about in the future of iCarly.

So yeah, I needed to get that out, sorry

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