Name- Emily

Age- 12

Birthday- December 12

Eye Color- Green

Hair Color- Dirty blonde

State- Connecticut

Grade- 8th

Favorite Colors- Blue, Purple, Red, and Black

Favorite Food- Ramen Noodle Soup

Sports- Basketball, Swimming (If that counts)

Extracuricular Activities- None xD My school doesn't offer them until you're in high school

Favorite School Subject- Geography/Language Arts

Least Favorite School Subject- Math/Science/History

Grades- I'm usually a B student, but I HAVE failed math and Bible before

Music- I love Pop and Rap :P

One Interesting Fact- I love acting, theater, and just plain being onstage. I'm also a surprisingly good singer!

Another Interesting fact- I have acne. And lots of it

Most Embarrasing moment- I get embarrassed SO easily xD But I'd say my MOST embarrassing moment was when I fell off the stage during a play rehersal :S

Favorite TV Shows- iCarly, Total Drama, SpongeBob, Victorious

Favorite Movie- I have too many to name

Personality- Shy and quiet when you first meet me but crazy and fun once you get to know me

School Life- I'm one of the "crazy kids" and I hang out with these 2 boys and everyone assumes I'm dating one of them. I swear we're just friends

Things I hate- Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, Being pushed around, the color pink, Paramore, Being yelled at, this list could go on forever xD

Things I like- Big Time Rush, the color blue, Acting, Singing, Drawing, Theater, again this list could go on forever xD

Favorite Youtubers- Nigahiga, BrocksDubs

My Username- Youtube:TDIKatInsanity. Wikia: EpicnezzEmily

My favorite people on this Wikia- I have a lot <3

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