This is for Cherry's blog

The idea is that you must create the most hilariously stupid story involving the iCarly characters.

You must write your story in the comments (no more than a paragraph, these are short stories.) and then other users will reply and rate them 1-10 on how stupid/hilarious they are.

Here's my story.

One day, Carly was in the bathtub. She was chugging shampoo from the bottle and crying.

Sam walks in "AWW WUTS WONG CARWYKINZ?" she asked.

Carly cried. "I feel like eating a bagel, but we have no more bagels! D':"

Sam replied "OMG THATS TERRIBLE" and started crying too.

Sam took the bottle of conditioner and began chugging it as Carly chugged her shampoo.

Freddie walked in and got in the bathtub with Carly. They were both wearing clothes.

Freddie began eating the soap and they all cried together.


lol feel free to rate my story if you want.


  • You can only comment one story per user, however you can rate as many other stories as you want.
  • Rate it on a scale of 1-10 based on stupidity and hilarity.
  • It MUST involve the iCarly characters.

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