They saw the guards and were immediately worried. Not all of them had invisibility, so they knew they had to do something.

They said they were helping Becky and needed to see if Bonita was ready.

This surprisingly worked, and the four of them went into the dressing room.

There they saw Bonita, sitting in front of a mirror and crying.

"Cherry" went up to her and asked her why she was crying.

Bonita just sighed and said "I am a better actress than this! I need a good script to blow them away! I wanna get out of having to do this play, but they won't let me! Just read the script, it looks like it was written by four-year olds!"

They read the script. When they finished Akila said, "Okay I'm no expert on plays or writing, but this is just a pile of CRAP!"

Bonita kept crying and eventually told them something.

"Becky told me there were more scripts, BETTER scripts, hidden around the theater. I've been told they're up in the catwalks, but I've always been to scared to go up there."

The catwalks. That was exactly where they needed to go to defeat Gloria too.

They told Becky they were going to be right back., but Becky asked them where Bonita was because they needed to start rehearsal, NOW.

They lied and said they had no idea where she was.

They just started rehearsal without her.

The three actors, two girls, one boy, began acting out the script. They were in flower costumes and on a way too happy set that looked like a TV show that the younger kids in Whispering Rock would watch.

Why was there only 1 TV in Whispering Rock?

The three actors began acting out the script. Akila, Shrader, Jake, and Cherry agreed it wasn't as bad as they'd thought it would be.

It was worse.


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