The play seemed like it was directed at little kids. It was horrible. But the play wasn't important. They needed to find out how to get into the catwalks, because they had been told it wasn't easy.

They went through a few sets until they found one high enough to lift people into the catwalks.

They began walking through. They understood why Bonita was scared to go up there, because it was pretty scary.

Akila took the lead, with Cherry second, Shrader third, and Jake protecting the back of the line. Random guys came out of nowhere trying to beat them up, but they used their Psychonaut powers to ward them off.

Shrader found a candlestick and decided to keep it with her, in case it was needed.

Akila found some rope.

Cherry found a megaphone.

Jake found the better scripts.

It wasn't entirely catwalks all the way through. Sometimes they had to swing on spotlights and slide down curtains to get to the other parts of the catwalks. It was dangerous and challenging, but also fun.

Finally, they came to the end of the catwalks, and saw a huge gap.

Cherry noticed a turn they could go to and they went.

They found one of those masks that ran a lit candle. Shrader knew that this was where her candle would come in.

The candle worked, and Gloria came booming through the catwalks.

They were immediately scared.

So far, the candle was the only thing that came in handy. They had no idea what they'd do with rope and a megaphone, although they would deliver the better scripts to Becky later.

What would they do?


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