"It's okay, guys." Shrader assured them. "There's a huge gap there anyway. There's no way she can come all the way over here."

So was Shrader in for a surprise when Gloria jumped over, landing a few feet away from where they were.

Gloria's hair seemed to have taken the form of snakes. She looked like a modern-day Medusa....or something.

Cherry remembered her microphone, and wondered if that would make her listen to her.

Cherry took out the microphone and talked into it.

"Back up, Gloria."

Gloria obeyed, and they immediately knew she'd be easy to manipulate.

"Go further." Cherry commanded. Gloria obeyed.




She kept going until Gloria was ALMOST at the edge of the gap. Then she said "Go back one more time and that should do it."

Gloria stepped back again and fell through the gap to her death. But it was a good thing, because the death would restore real life Gloria back into sanity.

They finally found a use for Akila's rope. They tied it to a sturdy light, and climbed down it until they were on the stage.

They delivered the scripts to Becky.

They agreed that it had been quite an adventure, but it was NOT something they'd want to do for a while.

They decided to get going, because all of Whispering Rock could be worried sick about them. They had been there for how long? A few hours or so at the very least.

Then they realized they'd made a crucial error.

They forgot their Smelling Salts.

Without them, they would be unable to get out of Gloria's brain.

What were they going to do?


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