"What are you doing here?" The voice said.

"We.....need the plungers in here." Rachel responded, somewhat scared.

"Well. Those plungers are for professional use only. If you really need them, you'll have to get through me."

A man came out of where they had heard the voice. He was very muscular and tall. Emily, Lilah, Lizzy, and Rachel thought he was hot until Sakra reminded them he was the guy they had to fight. Jason and Aron just facepalmed.

They gathered all their Psychonaut powers and huddled up to form a game plan.

Emily would use levitation to use as a distraction.

Lizzy would use shield to shield any attacks.

Aron would throw confusion grenades.

Lilah would use telekinesis to pick him up or throw him.

Jason would use marksmanship to shoot him.

Sakra would use pyrokinesis to try to light him on fire.

Rachel would use invisibility to sneak up on him.

No one would use clairvoyance, because it wasn't really needed for the battle. The 7 of them were confident because he was outnumbered. 7 of them and only 1 of him. But he was strong, so they couldn't get overconfident.

"3..2..1..ATTACK!" the 7 shouted.

Emily began running around on her levitation ball, distracting him. Once he was no longer distracted, she immediately shouted "Aron, confusion, NOW!". Aron immediately threw a confusion grenade at him. The effect of confusion grenades only lasts 15 seconds at most, so they had to act quick. "Jason, Sakra, Lilah!" he shouted. "Now!"

With Jason's marksmanship, Lilah's telekinesis, and Sakra's pyrokinesis, they overpowered him temporarily. But after he snapped out of his confusion trance, he was just mad.

"All right, I was going to go easy on you, but now that I see you want to play that way....." He immediately grew to triple his size and he was a lot more vicious.

Rachel and Emily decided to BOTH distract him. Rachel by being invisible, and Emily by running on her levitation ball all around the room. Once they noticed that it wasn't working, they had Lizzy shield herself from his attacks.

Suddenly, Lizzy noticed plungers behind him. Since she had confusion too, she had an idea. She quickly threw a confusion grenade at him, and began running past him.

"Lizzy, what are you doing?!" Emily asked.

"You'll see! It'll make sense eventually!" Lizzy responded.

Once he snapped out of his trance again, Lizzy already had the plungers with her. She threw another confusion grenade at him, and told everyone to head for the exit. They got out of the room and locked him in there.

Panting, they distributed all the plungers among them. They headed through the sewers and went into the book depository. It was basically the same as a library. They found a mysterious booklet.

"Boyd: Fired Again!"

What did it mean?


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