They searched through the flipbook. There were no words, so they had to make out what the booklet meant.

The first picture showed Boyd Cooper (the milkman) as a policeman.

The second picture showed him getting fired.

The third picture showed him angry.

The final picture showed him burning down the police station and dancing.

"So..." Emily began. "He got a job as a policeman, got fired, got angry about it, and burned down the police station?"

"That's what it looks like." Aron responded.

"Well.......I'm confused. Let's call Agent Cruller. Maybe he knows what it means." Lilah suggested.

They take the bacon and call Agent Cruller.

"You kids need help?" He asked.

"Yes!" Rachel said. "We found this booklet that has pictures in it, and we only PARTIALLY know what it means."

"Ahh." Agent Cruller said. "I'll explain that for you. Boyd was originally a police officer, and he got fired and burned down the police station. He became an insane milkman. You will have to fight him to get out of his brain and restore him to normal."

They knew they couldn't go back through the sewers, so they tried to look for another way to escape the floating piece of land they were on. The only way off was a long telephone wire that they would have to walk on or grind, if they could. They'd had a lot of practice with walking on them at home, with all the wires and tightropes everywhere. But only a few, like Emily, Lizzy, and Jason could actually GRIND on them.

There were electrical bolts every now and then, and they had to jump over them.

Emily held Rachel's hand, Lizzy held Lilah's, and Jason held Sakra's.

Aron was stuck walking the wire himself, so he got there a few minutes after everyone else.

At the other end of the wire, there was just a small piece of floating land with a house on it.

There was also something else.

The milkman throwing flaming bottles of milk at guys coming out of a car in the driveway.

So he really WAS mentally deranged. The kids assumed that maybe Agent Cruller had just been talking random. He's a crazy old man, and sometimes he doesn't know what he's thinking.

But they really DID have to battle him to snap him out of it.

They prepared for battle and were ready to fix the milkman.

But how would they do it?


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