They got prepared for the battle, except they knew the milkman was going to be easier to defeat since his only weapon was flaming bottles of milk.

They decided to execute the game plan they used with the hot guy in the post office.

They prepared, and the milkman was outnumbered. As much as the milkman had helped them, they knew they had to defeat him to get back into the real world and restore Boyd Cooper to normal. They never thought they'd MISS Whispering Rock so much, even though they had only been gone a few hours.

But they knew they could go as soon as they'd defeated the milkman.

They also made a backup game plan in case theirs didn't work.

They executed their original game plan, but it surprisingly didn't work.

They only wanted to use the backup if it was desperate measures. But it was a desperate time, and as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

They threw a round of confusion grenades.

Then during his trance, a round of pyrokinesis.

A round of marksmanship as soon as he was on fire.

And finshed it off with telekinesis to throw him over the edge of the floating land into nothingess.

They took out their smelling salts, smelled them, and were immediately brought back into the real world.

They were in front of the milkman to see if he was normal.

"Boyd! Are you okay?" Emily asked.

"Yes. I'm fine. Thank you for doing that." He responded. "I'll have Whispering Rock's milk delivery tomorrow."

"Good. I NEED MY MILK!" Lizzy said, almost screaming.

"Calm down, girl!" Lilah responded.

"I guess we should head home. It's pretty late." Aron said.

So they got into their canoes and went back to Whispering Rock.

As soon as they got there, they were greeted by the same people who were there when they left.

They accepted the congratulations from the residents and, tired from the day's adventure, went to bed.


Author's note: Here's a map of Whispering Rock if anyone cares xD

Whispering Rock
(Click to make bigger :P)

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