A young girl named Akila from the reception area had been there when the 7 of them were sent off. She was somewhat envious, wishing SHE had been picked for the trip. But she chose to blame Agent Nein, Agent Vodello, and Agent Cruller for not choosing her.

She took her anger out a nearby bear by shooting him with her marksmanship.

There was a girl, Shrader, that lived at the beach. She was good friends with Lilah and to a lesser extent, Rachel.

When Lilah and Rachel returned from the trip, Shrader just kept asking them what had happened.

Yawning, Lilah replied "Shrader, do you not see that we're EXHAUSTED? We'll tell you tomorrow, okay?"

Shrader sighed and went to bed herself.

In the parking lot, there were two kids who were a little upset that they weren't picked. One was named Jake, and no one knows what the other's name is, so they just call her "her".

The next day, the four of them realized that they wanted an adventure of their own. That would show them that they were worthy.

They met in the parking lot to discuss their plan.

Akila suggested they get on the milkman's truck when he comes by to drop off the milk deliveries.

They all seemed happy with that plan, so when the milkman came, Akila, Shrader, Jake, and her went into the truck.

It took them to Thorney Towers, home for the disturbed.

They wondered why the milkman was going there.

It didn't make sense at first, but then they put two and two together.

This must have been the point of the milkman conspiracy.

Suddenly it was all making sense.

What had they gotten themselves into?

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