They weren't sure what to do and went in anyway. They figured that this was the only adventure they were going to get.

They came across a lady who they were almost sure they recognized. She was bowing to a bunch of flowers with faces drawn on them. They recognized her immediately. Gloria Von Gouton. They had remembered seeing her in plays on the only TV in Whispering Rock, inside the lodge.

"Excuse me, Miss Von Gouton..." Akila began. "But why are you here?"

"Well, I am honored that SOME people remember me. I am here because I started......I don't know. Would you like to go into my head and try to fix it the way those other kids fixed the milkman?" Gloria asked.

"Sure." Jake responded.

Gloria gave them a psycho-portal and they went into her brain.

They saw a theater. It was a normal looking theater, and they were free to go on stage during cast rehearsals.

The "Cast" was odd people dressed in flower costumes.

They tried to figure out what to do to fix Gloria. They talked to the director, Becky, and tried to see if she knew anything.

"Well, all I know is that Gloria is up somewhere in the catwalks, but they only let staff up there. Would you guys like to be assisstant directors or something?" Becky asked.

"Yes!" they all said at once.

"Okay, well, I'll need to know your names." Becky said.




".........I refuse to tell anyone my name." her said.

"Well, I'll think of a nickname for you. For now we'll call you Cherry." Becky responded. "I'll call you guys in here when I need you. For now you can watch the performance or go in the backstage area."

They decided to check out the backstage area. They saw a gigantic prop room, and went in. There were boxes and costumes everywhere! This was really a serious business!

Down the hall, they saw a dressing room with a star on it. The star read "Bonita."

They wanted to see who this "Bonita" person was.

They tried to get into her dressing room.

But it was locked...


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