Meanwhile, the kids in Whispering Rock were getting a little suspicious. And even the slightest bit worried.

Lilah came to the Kid's Cabins Area to talk with Emily and Lizzy.

"Hey guys." Lilah said. "Have you guys seen Shrader? I haven't seen her all day, and she's usually following me around all day. On the other hand, it's been kinda nice..."

"Nope." Emily said.

"Haven't seen her." Lizzy responded.

"What if--What if she's MISSING?" Lilah worriedly questioned.

"Oh come on Lilah. What makes you think she's missing?" Emily said back.

"I saw her yesterday, with Akila, Jake, and that other girl from the parking lot. They were discussing some kind of adventure of their own. We have to find them." Lilah said.

Emily, Lilah, and Lizzy got in canoes and got their smelling salts too. They left to go rescue them.

When they arrived at Thorney Towers, they asked the milkman where the four kids were.

He said to try and find Gloria Von Gouton and that they were inside her brain.

They searched through some hallways and finally found her. sitting and waiting.

"Hi Gloria! I'm a huge fan of you. Do you know where those four kids are? Three girls, one boy?" Lizzy asked.

"Why, yes, dear. They're inside my brain. From what I see, they forgot this thing called smelling salts and they are stuck in there until someone rescues them." Gloria responded.

They took the psycho-portal, went inside Gloria's brain, and found the four of them sitting on stage, covering their ears.

Emily lead everyone into the prop room and demanded an explanation for this adventure.

"Fine." Akila said. "We were jealous that you guys along with Aron, Rachel, Jason, and Sakra, were the ones picked to do the adventure. We thought we were worthy of being picked, so we snuck in the back of the milkman's truck and rode here. We thought we could handle this adventure, but we couldn't."

"Now do you see why we were picked and you weren't?" Lilah asked. "They picked us because they knew we were strong enough to handle a challenge like that."

Akila, Shrader, Jake, and Cherry nodded.

"I also got a nickname. That way you have something to call me other than 'That quiet girl who lives in the parking lot.'" Cherry said. "You guys can call me Cherry now. I'm still not telling you my name."

"Deal." Lizzy said laughing.

They were about to escape when a large figure came from the dorrs out of nowhere.

"Did you really think you'd escape that easily?"


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