"Sigh. This again?" Emily asked.

"Execute game plan." Lizzy responded.

Lilah, Lizzy, and Emily effortlessly took down the beast.

"Okay, let's get out of here before something else happens." Lilah said.

They took out their smelling salts and were immediately back in the real world.

They got in their canoes and paddled the half-hour canoe trip to Whispering Rock.

Emily lectured them one more time and told them to never do something tht stupid ever again.

They nodded and no one was suspicious anymore. They were just glad to have them back.

The next day, Emily, Aron, Sakra, and Rachel were called into Coach Oleander's treehouse.

They were told that the four of them, plus Akila, Shrader, Jake, Lilah, Lizzy, Cherry, and Jason, were going on a trip to a huge city called Black Velvetopia.

None of them had even heard of it.

But they were all excited to go.

3 days later, they were all packed and ready to go.

They thought Black Velvetopia would be a fun, relaxing city.

But they couldn't be more wrong.....


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