They arrived in the town square of Black Velvetopia. It was a city inside some crazy Spanish man's mind, which explains why no one had ever heard of it.

But it was a pretty town square. It was calm and peaceful, there were some apartment buildings and four men in sombreros playing cards in the middle of the square. The buildings were black with a dash of another color, the sky was always twilight, even in the middle of the day.

The men seemed friendly, so Emily, Lilah, Aron, and Jason went over to them to ask for directions.

The men told them they had to press their bodies through the card pictures on the square's walls and it would teleport them to the streets. They told them the address of the apartment they were staying at and they were told that the Spades card was the fastest way to get there.

They all pushed their bodies through the picture and were teleported to a black and pink street.

"Why do you guys think the square is separated from the rest of the city?" Lizzy asked.

"Who knows. And honestly, who really cares? As long as we can go in and out easily, I see no problem with it." Aron replied.

"For once, I'm with Lizzy on this." Sakra said. "There HAS to be a reason the town square isn't connected to the rest of Black Velvetopia."

The black and pink street turned black and green.

"Oh, the street turned green! We're almost at the place we're staying at." Shrader said.

A few steps later, they arrived at their destination. They climbed up a red ladder onto a balcony that led to a long hallway. At the end of the hallway, they saw beds, a fireplace, and a huge bathroom with a shower.

"I think we're gonna like it here!" said Akila, in a rare burst of excitement.

Cherry ran off to take a shower.

Emily, Jake, Lizzy, and Lilah went to go explore the streets.

They went out the way they came in and finally noticed something about the streets.

They were completely vacant. Not a person in sight.

They didn't even have time to question when suddenly they heard a loud noise coming in their direction...


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