It was an angry mob. Emily, Jake, Lizzy, and Lilah ran down the streets trying to escape them. They looked for a card to teleport them back to the square so they could ask the men. But they couldn't find one, so they were stuck climbing up ladders and stuff until they got to their apartment. They had lost the mob.

Or they THOUGHT they did....

The angry mob was coming up the ladder, onto the balcony, and through the hallway.

"We're trapped!" Lilah screamed.

"No we're not! I discovered this while you were gone!" Cherry said. She opened up the back of the fireplace and it swung open like a door, leading to another hallway. "Everyone get in! Hurry!" Cherry said. They all got in and by the time the mob made it down the entrance hallway, they were going through the fireplace hallway.

The end of the hallway led to a balcony high in the sky. It had a pole to ride/grind on that led to the roof of another building.

They all grinded down it and were safely on the roof.

The mob was still after them.

They had a new plan. Their new plan was to not touch the ground at all and stick to the rooftops, unless they could somehow get to the square. But all the card pictures were on the ground, so it was kinda pointless.

The mob was going to wait for them to come down, not stopping at anything.

Finally, night fell, the mob grew tired and fell asleep, but the teens refused to sleep.

They tried to make it to the ground so they could escape to the square, but they weren't able to.

Out of nowhere, Sakra found a sewer and climbed into it.

"Guys! Come down here! We'll be safe here!" Sakra shouted to them.

They obeyed and went into the sewer.

It wasn't disgusting at all, it was the same red and pink water they found in the river in the square.

But what they didn't know was that the sewers presented a new problem....


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