They went into the sewers, and found that there were more of those crazy perople trying to kill them.

They quickly climbed back out onto the streets, and it was an insane mob.

They ran as fast as they could.

Cherry pointed out that there was a ladder attached to a building.

"Quick, everyone! Climb up!" she shouted.

They climbed up the ladder and since it was a fire ladder, they were able to crank the ladder out of the mob's reach.

"That's not going to do anything, they're just gonna stay there!" shouted Lilah.

Emily had an idea.

"Lizzy, come with me. The rest of you stay here." Emily said.

"Yay! Where are we going?" Lizzy asked.

"Jump over to the awning over that apartment window." Emily instructed.

They jumped over and landed on the awning.

A small portion of the mob ran below the awning.

"Emily, what do we do?" Aron shouted from the balcony the ladder led them to.

"Uhh....." Emily stuttered. "Wait, we're Psychonauts, remember? Use your powers to destroy them!"

"Then what do WE do?" Lizzy asked.

"We have to distract the ones who came after us after all the others are destroyed." Emily answered. "And the rest of you, follow behind the mob and destroy them too when you're done!"

"But how do we distract them?!" Lizzy frantically asked.

"Trust me, that'll be easy.' Emily said. "See the poles and roofs? We just keep jumping through them down the street, and the others will kill them from behind."

Emily and Lizzy jumped off the awning onto neighboring roofs and poles. The mob followed.

"It's working! Keep going!" Emily shouted.

Emily and Lizzy were jumping from roof to roof, awning to awning, ledge to ledge, and the other followed the mob until they all were killed.

Emily and Lizzy slid down poles and joined the rest of them on the street.

They walked back to their apartment but on the way, talked about home.

"This could be the thing Coach Oleander told me about before we left for the Milkman Conspiracy." Emily said.

"Y'know, being chased by mobs trying to kill us, I think there's a reason it was Coach Oleander that told us about this trip." Lizzy said.

"I know, he's the meanest person ever." Rachel said.

"You don't think.....he wants us KILLED, do you?" Lilah nervously asked.

Akila laughed. "Don't be ridiculous, Lilah." she said.

"You know what, he HAS always hated us. Maybe he IS trying to get us killed." Aron said.

Everyone remained silent until they were back at the apartment.



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