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  • Eric the Grape

    This is sad, because this wiki and the boards are going to die. Cycle of life.

    But what do you plan to do online now that it's over? Will you join a different board, forum, or wiki? Do you plan on joining a different fandom? If so, what fandom/board?

    I will miss many of you, I just hope we can all keep in touch one way or another.


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  • Eric the Grape

    Birthdays Update

    August 31, 2011 by Eric the Grape

    We had planned to feature wiki users birthdays on the Main Page, as you can see here. The problem is that we got 183 responses, and it would require way too much work to organize them into the charts, not to mention that it would take up way too much space on the main page.

    We have decided not to do them, and we apologize to the people who submitted their birthdays. You can still edit your profile on your user page to include your birthday. Thanks for your understanding.

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  • Eric the Grape

    On March 27, 2008, Isoph created the iCarly Wiki. She was active until January 2010, when she had to leave for personal reasons.

    Isoph has recently returned full-time to this wiki. Her new name is XSophieSakura. She transferred her administrative powers to her new account.

    When you create a wiki, you are bureaucrat by default. Since she is the founder of this Wiki, she is its highest-ranking member.

    I encourage you to give a warm welcome to XSophieSakura, and get acquainted with her. She will be very active here from now on.

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  • Eric the Grape

    We recently demoted and permanently banned an administrator, Katydidit. He was having VERY inappropriate conversations with underage girls in private messages over Wiki Chat.

    First off, it is important to state that Katydidit is a 48 year-old man. While this is not a problem by itself, he was having intimate online relationships with three underage girls on this wiki.

    He exchanged emails with these users continually asking for pictures of themselves, asking to meet them, and constantly bringing up highly inappropriate sexual discussions.

    He was told to stop his contact with the girls on the wiki, which he did. We then recieved complaints that he was engaged in highly inappropriate sexual conversations in Chat, via private messages; one of the…

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  • Eric the Grape

    Most Seddie fans are just happy they got iOMG. But one thing still bugged me: What was the trigger for Sam's sudden behavioral change? Was it the arm wrestling match, or was Sam using Brad as a cover to try something new with Freddie? After pondering and discussing this on the Seddie Forum, a friend of mine gave me this response:

    Semester projects are likely worth at least 50% of their grades, and Sam never worked on her own. She needed to pass. Since she gave Carly "torture" ideas for her project, but had no intention of being the torture subject, she had to piggyback. Brad made great fudge, so that was a perk of hangin' with the guys. Being around Freddie though made her guard drop more. Sam didn't expect the feelings she preferred to ign…

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