When I watched iGet Pranky, I noticed something that bothered me. First, it was Sam electricuting Freddie with the pen. Seddiers like to think that Sam and Freddie's relationship has progressed to the point where she isn't attacking him physically anymore. Second, was Carly's apathy towards Sam hurting Freddie. During the iSaved Your Life era, she would have scolded Sam harshly for doing that.

Freddie has shown considerable growth starting with iReunite With Missy, and especially in iSYL, while Sam hasn't progressed much beyond abusing Freddie. While Carly has grown out of her "hero" phase, she still should have reprimanded Sam for shocking Freddie. She also misses the warm blanket of Freddie's affections he used to shower her with (even if she didn't return them), and she has become short-tempered.

I hope there is character development with both girls this season because we've seen a lot of maturity with Freddie over the past two seasons.

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