I wanted to clear up a few misconceptions about Seddie and its shippers. Being a bureaucrat on this wiki, I am not trying to start any wars, but I must dispell some things I have heard.

Seddiers are not the majority

Registered members on the Seddie forum: 1749
Registered members on the Creddie forum: 487

Stories on (all ratings)

Seddie: 4961
Creddie: 668
Cam: 731

Seddie has no development, and iOMG is the result of the writers trying to appease the majority

Season one:
They say when a girl constantly rips on a guy, it just means she has a crush on him.
Notice that Sam suggested that they kiss? Nobody made her do that.
iReunite With Missy
This at least is a Seddie friendship episode. He didn't even want Carly to know, knocking down the argument that he sent Missy away to impress Carly.
iSpeed Date
Sam was upset at seeing Carly and Freddie dance. Dan said that was significant.
iSaved Your Life
Sam warns Freddie about Carly's hero phase, out of friendship.

Not to mention all the hints Dan has dropped through the years. He is going to write the show the way he wants to. He said he would never creatively steer the show in a particular direction just because it was what the majority wanted.

Sam and Freddie hate each other

Have you ever kissed someone you hated? It doesn't happen that way.
See above for iReunite With Missy.
Stop taking the cartoon violence so seriously. Nobody actually gets hurt, it's just for laughs.
Do you think that Freddie was actually going to stab Sam with the knife? He was joking.

Seddiers hate Carly

Most Seddiers do not hate Carly, as most Creddiers do not hate Sam.

Seddiers are rude, obnoxious bullies

Because of the nature of the ship, we are more boisterous. But not because we "don't have any developments for our ship" (see above).
Don't judge an entire group by the actions of a few. Most Seddiers, as well as most Creddiers, are nice, calm, and reasonable.

I welcome all shippers - Seddie, Creddie, Cam, Sibby, whoever - to freely disagree with me.

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