• Eugar

    iCarly Season 6?

    March 23, 2013 by Eugar

    iCarly Season 6 episodes! There was this blog post on the Victorious Wiki that shared some decent/exceptional ideas for another season of Victorious, so I figured I'd ask the Wiki-faithful/remaining Creddiers/Seddiers what ideas you'd use for another season of iCarly, or since a majority of us didn't like the final season, how would you rewrite season 5?

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  • Eugar

    Carly and Spencer - the ultimate brother/sister relationship?

    Or could Wendell and Vinnie, uncle and nephew, be catching up to them?

    Yes, it's a little early to judge with only 3-4 episodes, but I think Wendell and Vinnie have had some pretty touching moments.

    Which two do you think had/have a better relationship?

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  • Eugar

    Carly's Character Development

    February 19, 2013 by Eugar

    In Season 1, Carly seemed very preppy (Briarwood), yet in Season 5-6, she was more... for lack of a better word, non-preppy.

    In Season 1, Carly immediately helped Freddie up when Sam bonked him on the head with a plastic/steel pencil. In Season 6, Gibby knocked Freddie unconscious and Sam got up to check on him while Carly did not.

    In Season 1, Carly and Sam would fight over boys (and Carly easily had more love interests than Sam did). By Seasons 5-6, it was becoming a running gag that Carly couldn't maintain a serious relationship.

    So... thoughts?

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  • Eugar

    Carly vs Sam vs Freddie

    January 26, 2013 by Eugar

    Who is your favorite character of the main trio? Consider:

    • Who's had the most influence on iCarly?
    • Who's the best-looking?
    • Which has the most entertaining personality?
    • If you could have one of them be your best friend, who would it be?
    • Who's the most competent/who's given the most for the web show/their friends?
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  • Eugar

    Sam vs Jade

    December 7, 2012 by Eugar

    Seasons 1-3 Sam and Seasons 3-4 Jade.

    • Who scares you more?
    • Who's meaner?
    • Who would you rather go out with?
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