You know, back when iCarly first came on, I was still crazy about Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh. I remember thinking iCarly was SO stupid.

And it was... for a time. When I was younger, I thought Carly was a priss, Sam was a jerk, and Freddie was a wuss.

And they were. For a bit.

But I still watched them Seasons 1-4, and I paid less attention in Seasons 5 and 6. Obviously, even though I disliked the show, I was getting something out of it, always watching it.

Victorious came on, and I liked Seasons 2-3 of that more than I liked iCarly Seasons 4-5.

But in hindsight, now that's it's almost over, I understand now just how great iCarly really was. I must have been in denial because I disliked shows like Hannah Montana, iCarly, Victorious (I wanted more cartoons to be on).

So when I heard about Sam & Cat, guess what, I thought it'd be terrible too. And Gibby... heh, no thank you.

But when I started researching these shows, found this Wiki, and learned just how "big" and "popular" the show was, I discovered that the man behind iCarly, Dan Schnieder, was responsible for or involved in just about EVERY live-action Nick show I've ever liked since I was a kid.

Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, All That, The Amanda Show, iCarly (somewhat), and Victorious.

With that knowledge in mind, I'm eagerly looking forward to Sam and Cat. They took the two ho... prettiest actresses from shows I liked and put them together. What could possibly go wrong? XD

And Season 6 made Gibby hilarious. I used to hate how he took his shirt off, but when they started cracking jokes about that, I laughed there and then. Gibby sounds like a good spin-off.

I just hope that Miranda/Nathan/and Jerry are able to do cameos for these two shows. I know they're growing up and all, but still, it's not going to be the same without them. Characters like Dana, Nora, Mandy, and Melanie could easily pop up again in either show. Here's hoping!

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