• FFF T

    Creddie Songs Page :)

    September 3, 2011 by FFF T

    so Creddiers.. i was on the (Creddie Videos) page and i saw a Creddie Songs List.. so why can't we make a Creddie Songs PAGE...

    i dunno i just thought it would be nice cuz there are a lot of songs on the Creddie Videos Page that we can use and i know some other Creddie songs.. so why not?!.. :)

    so if you know any Creddie songs just tell me.. we can use some more songs :)

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  • FFF T

    a little help please..

    August 16, 2011 by FFF T

    hey everybody..

    i have a question..

    how do u post a pic into a comment?? i've seen so many people do that and i just wanna know how..

    help please..:)

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  • FFF T


    January 31, 2011 by FFF T

    hey guys....

    I saw this picture a long time ago but I never knew when did it happend....

    so was it in iSpeed date or what???

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  • FFF T

    so I think all of you guys have seen Cartoonprincess's blog "Short, Stupid, Random, Seddie Things"......

    I thought her idea was great and I've noticed that lots of Creddiers do the same on Creddie page..... so why not make a blog about it too, I mean Cartoonprincess's blog has more than 370 comments!!!!!!!

    I think we Creddiers can do even more... so write anything that crosses your mind about Creddie no matter what it is.....

    p.s: I'm sooooooooo sorry I kinda stol your idea Cartoonprincess please don't be mad about it!!!

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  • FFF T

    ====Hey guys..... I've noticed that most of the girls here "love" Nathan Kress -for example me-, and I wanted to ask you why do you like him??? a lot of people didn't know him, or just didn't like him befor iCarly... so what made you "love" him after one show only?? what do you think is different about him?====

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