Hey guys....... I don't mean any offense to any Seddier I'm just trying to make a point.... most of you Seddiers say that Sam deserves Freddie just because her life is horrible (you know: everybody hates her, her family........) and cause she's not as pretty or popular as Carly, and some of you say that she deserves any guy she want's because of that, but I think those reasons are not enough......I mean it's about what she does, not about what happens in her life..... what did Sam DO to deserve Freddie? I'm not trying to say that Carly deserves him, acutally I'm a Creddier because Freddie deserves Carly not because Carly deserves Freddie... so anyway I think Sam should do something to Freddie, the least thing she could do is to treat him a little nicer, Carly did hurt Freddie, but Sam hurt him too, and even if he doesn't care about it now it still a bad thing.... that was my opinion and please write your own opinion, I really wanna hear it (I mean read it)......

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