I knew I would regret coming on the wiki after the episode.

Are you guys seriously doubting that Seddie is endgame? I can assure you that it is. I just know. Too much screen time and development to be thrown away. People are now comparing the way Seddie ended to the way Creddie ended? Why? They ended on complete different terms. Sam&Freddie ended with the exchange of the words I love you, while Carly and Freddie ended with the realization that Freddie was nothing more than Carly's bacon. Sam&Freddie both know that they still love each other. Creddie didn't have that. Creddie was one-sided. Seddie had both Sam and Freddie reciprocate feelings for one another. They're obviously still into one another. They both couldn't stand the idea of breaking up, and they were even procrastinating and trying to avoid the break up. Seddie has a better chance than Creddie. Even with the break up, Seddie is still ahead of the curb. It always has been, especially since iKiss.

They said I love you to each other. Love doesn't go away. They both know that.You could see it in their eyes. They both just feel like they have a lot of growing up to do. And once they do, they will become a couple again. A stronger one too since they will be able to overcome their differences and make their relationship work. Freddie wouldn't have told her he loved her if he didn't mean it. It was obviously meant in a romantic way too, and it clearly affected Sam's emotions since it caused her to kiss him. You don't kiss someone that you realized you only have platonic feelings for.

Come on Seddie shippers, man up! We aren't whiny. We're warriors. We defend our ship and we love it no matter what. Creddiers can hope all they want, but I'm still positive Seddie is endgame! I'm bummed about the ending too. But one thing you can't deny is that was the most romantic scene of iCarly ever. Sam&Freddie love each other. They're soul mates. They'll realize that they can't avoid that fact forever. Seddie ftw!!

And Yes, we all wanted them to stay together. But I for one am pretty excited to see how they're going to act around one another and how it will affect the dynamic of their relationship.

The arc wasn't pointless at all. Sam and Freddie expressed love for one another. Their relationship has development and will only help them develop a stronger bond in the long run! :) Sure, I wish they stayed together. But Sam and Freddie learning to work out their differences really isn't a pointless plot at all!

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