Ok so im sorry about my last blog but now its different i hope u like this blog

So ever since i saw the promo for ilost my mind i've actually been losing my own mind an i really want 2 see this episode so if u agree with me u could follow me on twitter im @F11ise.

So really wish dan would give us more info on this episode or atleast another promo cause i cant get this episode out of my head and i have been amagining what it would be like every night.

ok so thats all i have to say about ilost my mind so i want to talk about an episode of my own, here it goes........

Ok so this episode actually has mensioned a break up between seddie so this is how they get back togetther

At school carly and freddie walk over 2 carlys locker and see sam walking over

Carly:hey sam


Sam:hi [in an agresive way][opens her locker]

Carly:whats wrong

Sam:nothing [sarcastically][shuts her locker]

Carly:ok sam needs a boyfriend

Freddie:what makes u say that[both look at sam]never mind

Carly:i think i have an idea, we can get sam a secret admirer


Carly:someone who likes her.. alote

Freddie:fine[looks at sam][walks over 2 her] what r u doing

Sam:non of your beez chiz

theme song

At school sam opens her locker as a card falls from it, freddie walks over

Freddie:hey sam, whats that

Sam:looks like a love card[opens the cards and reads it] You give joy and happiness im just a boy with a dream, love your secret admirer

Freddie:wow so who do u think it is

Sam:i dont know....but im gonna find out[she leaves]

Freddie:oh chiz.....

Next scene at carlys apartment

Carly, sam and freddie walk in with smoothies in there hands

Carly:hey spencer

Spencer:hey guys

Sam:Carly i've been meaning 2 talk 2 u about something


Sam:i have a secret admirer


Sam:ya, and im gonna find out who it is[sam goes up stairs]

Carly:so who did u get to be the secret admirer

Freddie:oh, u dont know him

Carly:oh well do u think sama gonna find out who it is

Freddie:i dont think so

Next scene, at school at 12:00 am sam is hidding waiting 4 her secret admirer, a boy wearing a hodi hidding his face

Sam:HEY, STOP RIGHT THERE[jumps on his back and wrestles him 2 the ground][take off his hodi]

Sam:lets see who u r[takes it off to find out it is freddie]


So thats pretty much it

hope u liked my story. 2ye

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