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    Thank you in advance to anyone who spares a moment of their time to hear me out.

    Dan Schneider has been the mastermind behind my entertainment via television on Nickelodeon since I was 5 years old. His sense of humor has qualities that are able to appeal to a large, diverse audience, and that provide a healthy dose of laughter to millions of people. Each of his projects earn a respectable amount of success, and many who work with him (cast and crew) seem to display positive attitudes about the experiences they have, although they must work frequently and diligently to do their part in creating a finished product that pleases both a network and its target audience.

    It has come to my attention that the growth of the internet as a resource, and…

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  • FearlessStatic

    Disclaimer: In case you still haven't heard, I have shipped both Creddie AND Seddie, and do not exclusively consider either one my OTP. Consider yourself officially informed or reminded, whichever applies to you.

    Fun Fact: I love having epiphanies almost as much as I love saying the word epiphany in my head. Maybe somebody else has already had this one, but nowhere that I've been hanging out, so I'll share it as if I'm the first to claim it.

    For anyone who might need a reminder, the name of the song that played during Sam and Freddie's kiss in iKiss was called "Running Away." Until less than an hour ago, I had never heard the song in full nor seeked it out. By matter of coincidence, and fascinatingly enough, I was led to it as a recommended video…

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  • FearlessStatic

    Now that I've already spent hours writing a more serious blog for myself that most other users probably won't relate to, I thought I'd make another shorter entry that can spark a little bit of discussion. Cool? So the title is the first line Sam says when Freddie comes out to find her in the courtyard in iOMG. What I'd like to know is other fans' opinions about the significance (or non-significance) of this line. I'll withhold what possibilities come to mind for me, as I'd really like to hear the opinions of others first.

    Question: Why do you think Sam asks this to Freddie (or why did the writers choose this line)?

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  • FearlessStatic

    Disclaimer: The writer of this blog entry does not identify exclusively as a Creddie or Seddie shipper. Please do not consider any content of this entry an invitation to debate Creddie vs. Seddie, or otherwise ignite new life to any ship war.


    In 2003, when TeenNick was a channel only recently split between two time slots called "Noggin" (Children Block) and "The-N" (Teen Block), a series called Radio Free Roscoe premiered. I was just about 14 at the time, and if you're around that age now, iCarly probably is for you what RFR was for me...the first show I was so emotionally invested in that I lived in the fandom and considered it an obsession. The premise of the show was actually quite similar to iCarly, except instead of friends f…

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