Disclaimer: In case you still haven't heard, I have shipped both Creddie AND Seddie, and do not exclusively consider either one my OTP. Consider yourself officially informed or reminded, whichever applies to you.

"Coming Home" After "Running Away"

Fun Fact: I love having epiphanies almost as much as I love saying the word epiphany in my head. Maybe somebody else has already had this one, but nowhere that I've been hanging out, so I'll share it as if I'm the first to claim it.

For anyone who might need a reminder, the name of the song that played during Sam and Freddie's kiss in iKiss was called "Running Away." Until less than an hour ago, I had never heard the song in full nor seeked it out. By matter of coincidence, and fascinatingly enough, I was led to it as a recommended video on YouTube while listening to the song "Meant for Me," which is the song well known in the fandom as the one playing when Carly and Freddie shared a slow dance in iSpeed Date. I was not seeking this song out either. YouTube suggested it on my home page and I decided it was about time I gave it a full listen.

Then I found myself back on my YouTube home page, where this video of Miranda, Jennette, and Nathan singing "Coming Home" happens to be sitting in my "Watch Later" list. I'll be honest and say I had watched it several times before to enjoy their voices and thought of it as nothing more than another behind-the-scenes bonus from Dan. There's still a possibility that is all it's meant to be (entertainment), and I'm reading further into Dan than Dan reads into himself. But I'm presenting this theory anyway, because it's also entertaining to me.

So what I am questioning is whether a fair argument can be made for a significance here. Sam and Freddie are finally "coming home" as a potential couple following their second kiss after they spent all that time "running away" from making any big deal out of their first kiss. Could this be some kind of sign from the Executive Producer ...or is it a mere worthless coincidence stumbled across by a possibly too-dedicated iCarly fan?


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