Okay, so in the episode iReunite With Missy, Freddie gets mad at Sam for cutting off the sleeves of his shirt. In iGet Pranky, everyone gets mad at Spencer for his pranking.

In iReunite With Missy, Sam asks Freddie "Would that make Freddie happy" or something like that in a babyish tone. In iGet Pranky, Spencer asks everyone "Would that make the little children happy?" in a babyish tone.

In iReunite With Missy, Freddie replies to Sam's question by saying "Kinda". In iGet Pranky, Sam replies to the question by saying "Kinda".

In iReunite With Missy, Sam tells Freddie "Fine" before marching over to his house, with Freddie complaining. In iGet Pranky, Spencer tells everyone "Fine, I'll sign it" as Carly picks up the pen, telling him to honour his promise.

In iReunite With Missy, Sam just pushes Freddie into the house and leaves. In iGet Pranky, Spencer just laughs and leaves after Carly is shocked with the pen.

Isn't the iGet Pranky scene sort of a reference to the scene in iReunite With Missy?! *Sam voice* Face the facts!

No but really, look at it.

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