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a new song it is an original

Foodysam November 6, 2010 User blog:Foodysam
  • you just saw me stading there with a blank stare upon my
  • then you asked me for my name and you thought is was insane
  • and that's when you became ny mortal enemy
  • oh you punched , you kicked , you screamed , you've always hated me
  • and yet you've always been my friend since yesterday
  • i don't see how you can be my mortal enemy
  • my dream has come true , i've never hated you
  • it was just a cova for my love that i neva admitted you
  • turns out we wre never mortal enemies
thx plz comment!!!!!! no flames!20:34, November 6, 2010 (UTC)Foodysam
Seddie with Fearless lyrics by SeddieThunder

hey maybe the past will relive itself

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