• FreddieB93

    Hello, and welcome to my iCarly fanfiction!

    PLOT: Carly, Sam, Gibby, and Freddie are playing hide and seek in the school hallways. The teams are Carly and Gibby vs. Sam and Feddie. (Lol, I'm bored so I'm doing this)

    Gibby: Why are we playing hide and seek at school?

    Carly: It's a free period and there's nothing better to do.

    Gibby: Ahhh. Where we gonna hide?

    Carly: That Locker!

    (Gibby gives Carly a strange look.)

    Carly: It's big enough.

    (They go in the locker.)

    Carly: Now as long as we don't make noises we're good!

    (Sam and Freddie look around.)

    Freddie: There's nothing worse then when you can't find someone.

    Sam: Well, I'm partners with you.

    Freddie: Ha Ha. Keep looking.

    Gibby: Do you think they're near?

    Carly: I don't know but your stomach is crushing m…

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  • FreddieB93

    Hello, This is a little funny fan fiction scene that I thought of where the iCarly gang waits for their flight at an airport.


    (Carly, Sam, and Spencer sit in the airport seats, waiting for Gibby)

    Sam: Where is he?

    Carly: Getting a taco.

    Sam: Oooh. I'm gonna go have some fun around here.

    Carly: Don't get into trouble!

    Sam: Haha. You're funny kid.

    (Sam walks away)

    Spencer: Where's Freddie?

    Carly: His mom wouldn't let him go.

    Spencer: Ha...Did you bring my blanket?

    Carly: (Laughing) Yes!

    (Jokingly Carly takes her hair and rubs it against Spencer's nose. Spencer laughs and his nose wiggles.)

    Spencer: ACHOO!

    (Spencer sneezed on a little girl's ice cream cone. She cries.)

    Carly: Nice!

    (Spencer nudges Carly on the shoulder. Gibby enters trying to scratch …

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