well this is my blog wassup? so i get up out of bd and my dad's like get up! i'm like okay what's with the chizzy Attitude? and im thinking... oh yeah he's always like that so i do my usual regular Morning Routine then i throw my cold lunch in the dumpster i dont like cold lunch im sick of eating Mayo and Roast Beef 4 175 days like Gosh! so i go to the bus stop and i see 1 of my Best Freinds Dale and im like wassup and the usual nothang and then we get on the bus go to my Middle School and then in no it was Math then Jordan CHapman let some gas out it was like *fart* i know thats gross but all of my classmates are immature but its funny and gross at the same time its Fross! anyway we were in Computers 5th hour and where i sit right below my seat theres this button and i pushed it and it turned it off and haydens computer and the teachers like do need my attention? and were like no its all good in tha hood and shes like what? you crazy monkey and im like that was Random so then she talks to me after class and im like from now on i am going to call you Ms. Random and she's like no and im like what are you going to do about it? no really thats what i said and then my freind Colin asked what would you want 4 christmas more 6 lb Gummy Bear or 10 guitars? and im like 6 lb Gummy Bear and he's like told you then i walked home and then i got some chips some moca cola and then i went on to the iCarly Wiki cant wait for iPWV also more exicted 4 iOMG Part 2 who wouldnt be?

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