Hi, everybody! I love iCarly. I love Nathan Kress, Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Jennette Mccurdy. I haven't really gotten to know Noah Munck that well yet, so I haven't really decided on him yet. But I've been watching iCarly since 2008 and I really love it. I can't stand it when I miss an episode.

Here's a little fun fact:

The first iCarly episode I ever saw was iCarlySavesTelevision. I saw my older brother watching TV and I asked him : "What's that? New show on Disney Channel?" (I always watch DC. I never really watched Nick until I watched iCarly and said "Hey! This isn't bad. Maybe Nick isn't so bad after all." I've been watching both DC and Nick ever since!) and my brother told me what it was and I was hooked. I've been watching iCarly ever since then. I'll never forget that day.

And getting to know Jerry Trainor on iCarly and Miranda Cosgrove on iCarly, I started watching some other shows on Nick that they were in (MC : Drake And Josh, JT : .T.U.F.F. Puppy).

Anyways... More next time! By the way...


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