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Freddie/Nathen Benson/Kress' Fan Talk!~ No 1. Ant 1573949

I am Nathan Kress' biggest fan <3. He is proper lush! I love many things in life, iCarly at #1! Thank you Dan Schieder for creating iCarly!

Just so we are clear, I do not believe in Creddie, Seddie or ANY of them Freddie/ Nathan shippings.

If you want to know my real name, ask. :-)

My favourite shippings <3

Nathan & Me = Mathan

Sam & Gibby = Gam (Sibby)

and on different shows;

Phineas & Isabella = Phinabella

Ferb & Vannessa = Fannessa

Doofenshmirtz & Perry = Poofenshmirtz

LOL. ~Said By Ant 1573949! Good work Ant! Glad your an Nathen Fan! ;) More Soon! ~FreddieFan =)

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